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Indigenous Enterprise offering holistic solutions combining the indigenous wisdom, science and emerging technologies for sustainable development
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Indigenous Regenerative Solutions in Climate Change and Health & Wellbeing

ESG & Sustainability Management – In 7 Steps, Achieve ESG Objectives with Innovative Initiatives

Decarbonisation & Environment – Energy, Waste, Water, Air, Soil & Biodiversity

Health & Wellbeing – Build Cultural Safety That Supports People’s Social & Emotional Being


In achieving Australia’s Net Zero goal we help organisations implement solutions in clean energy, soil & biodiversity, water, air and waste.

Integrative and inclusive approach combining science and technology with Indigenous wisdom for ecology and land management practices.

Identify & engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, communities and people to participate in the solutions delivery aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Be a resource hub for cross cultural education, exchange of information and skills, increase employment opportunities, improve health and wellbeing, and overall welfare to the community.

This logo represents the Mother Earth. With a heart of fire, adorned with the sun, rivers and oceans, with hair of open sky and the body (ground) that we walk upon. Our source and sustenance offering diversity of experiences, cultures and beliefs with the opportunities to be ourselves.


The heart shape reminds us of the love, kindness and wellbeing for all. To care and respect whilst embracing the universal connection and acknowledging that we all desire the same things; peace, joy, love, happiness and prosperity.


The infinity symbol honours our connection to past, present and future. 


The leaf forming the bottom half of the logo represents the land, it’s growth, regeneration and sustainability.

The Time
  • Is ticking away as we exploit this mother, a gentle and strong source of life that we borrow from our future generations.
  • To reinvigorate this mother that has birthed us, fed us and will embrace us back into her bosom in our death.
  • To be in tune with her rhythm as we are just a part of you. Oh mother in caring for your grandeur let us humans try together to provide you the enlightened being within us helping you to maintain and sustain all lives.

Emerging Technologies - Decarbonisation & Environment

Incorporate the regenerative wisdom of the First Nations People with emerging technologies for decarbonisation and environmental solutions.

  • Solar generation, batteries
  • Lighting & energy efficiency
  • Heating & cooling
  • Carbon credits
  • Plantations & offsets (carbon sequestration).
  • Vegetation management
  • Native flora and fauna management
  • Land remediation and site closure (Re-Vegetation, Landscaping & Gardening)
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Storm water management
  • Site drainage and flood management
  • Ventilation and air purification
  • Indoor greening, décor and design
  • Landfill diversion, providing a recyclable source/method for your waste to achieve zero waste
  • Eco certified products

Emerging Technologies – Corporate Sustainability & ESG

In 7 Steps, develop, manage, and empower your sustainability journey with First Nations Peoples led innovative ESG initiatives.

  • Achieve innovative ESG initiatives that create positive (regenerative) impacts to biodiversity, the First Nations People, and your employees and stakeholders.
  • Streamline, simplify and ease the ESG data gathering and sustainability reporting with emerging technologies.
  • Reduce work overburden & toil in operations, risk, and compliance management.

Emerging Technologies – Health & Wellbeing

Our Indigenous Cultural Immersion Programs are designed for health and wellbeing where one experiences the ‘ecosystem of care’. Deeply exploring the profound connection to the land and country, its people and their spiritual knowledge reinforced with the eternally old cultural ethos, providing deeper cultural understanding and enhanced diversity & inclusion. Thereby cultivating growth materially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, and harvesting joy, love and happiness to create a real sense of sustainable future.    

  • Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Programs
  • Connection – land & country workshops 
  • Mindfulness, inner existence and self-care
  • Places of spiritual significance and cross cultural education
  • Native foods and nutrition
  • Authentic relating and relationship building
  • Power of silence and sound
certification & EXPERTISE

Supply Nation registered Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander business. Our Diverse Team Includes Experienced and Qualified Professionals From The Fields of Environment, Sustainability, Technology, Health & Wellbeing, Communications and The First Nations People.

Our triple i approach to Sustainable Development is inclusive, integrative and innovative for results driven solutions on Reconciliation, climate change, health and wellbeing.

  • This includes projects in the corporate sustainability and environmental operations management, typically large scale complex projects across construction, mining and quarries, manufacturing, hospitality, health, transport, waste management and resource recovery.
  • Bringing the intrinsic connections, profound knowledge, generational wisdom, and hands on experience working with the various indigenous communities. 
  • Taking the leadership seat on community engagement and development activities to address economic and personal challenges of the First Nations People. 
  • Highly accomplished in delivering specialist campaigns on cross cultural educational sessions via events, programs and initiatives provisioning employment opportunities. 
  • Experienced facilitators of interactive health and wellbeing workshops providing the learning and growth opportunities for individuals to a path of improvement and self-empowerment.
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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners & Custodians of this Land. We pay our respect to Elders, past, present & emerging. 

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